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For the past 16 years, we've been optimizing websites to help our clients grow their businesses, not just to improve their overall search rankings.

With the help of our web analytics agency, you clients can find solutions, gain insights, and improve their decision-making process. We combine data from different systems and databases, set up automatiс collection, filtering, calculation, and visualization of your marketing and sales data.

We also set up the collection of data on the flow of funds and goods as well as user behavior data, both online and offline.

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Our White Label Mobile App Marketing Services

Google Analytics

Technical specifications for ecommerce events (GA UA/GA 4)
Custom Dashboards for GA4
Migration from GA UA to GA4
Google Analytics Audit
Custom Dashboards for Google Analytics 4
Technical specifications for Universal Google Analytics measurement protocol

Google Tag Manager

Set up events and goals for Google Analytics
Custom JS scripts for Google Tag Manager and analytics tracking
Set up Server Side Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager Audit

Conversion Rate 

Regular Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Audit

App Analytics

Technical Specifications for AppsFlyer
Technical Specifications for Firebase
Technical Specifications for Adjust

BI Analytics

BI Data Platform (Data Engineering)
Data visualization (Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau)


Product Analytics
Customer Clusterization
Search for Traffic Leaks
Search for Data Insights

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Who needs it?

We help ambitious agencies and retail clients on their journey to digital marketing growth. More than 50 companies have already trusted us with outsourcing their SEO, PPC, web analytics, mobile app and email marketing tasks.

Partnering with us will help you solve problems of hiring new employees, working overtime, and finding new points of client business growth. You will also be able to offer your customers new services that you do not provide.


Aircraft Sales
Reale state
Tourism & Hospitality

Other white label services


SEO Review & Basic Audit
SEO Audit
SEO Web Development
Basic / Local SEO 
Advanced SEO 
YouTube audit and optimization
Search Engine Reputation Management
SEO for SPA (Single Page Applications)

PPC & Paid Social

PPC Review & Basic Audit
Social Ads Management
PPC advertising
Mobile applications promotion
Google Analytics setup for PPC
Advertising PPC campaigns audit

Mobile App Marketing

ASO Review & Basic Audit
ASO with monthly fee
One-time ASO
ASO Consultancy
Apple Search Ads (ASA)
User Acquisition (UA)

White Label cooperation models


A model of cooperation that implies the specialists involved in individual projects to implement technical requirements. While you have your in-house project managers, we provide technical specialists depending on the service. 

In terms of such cooperation, we will perform a preliminary analysis and plan for the month confirmed with you. Thus, you have a ready list of tasks for the month, their estimated hours, and the cost of their implementation. 


Within this cooperation model, we can provide technical specialists for specific tasks on an hourly basis. In this case, you pay for the hours our specialist is engaged in your project. 

When working on an hourly basis, we pre-evaluate all tasks by the number of hours and set deadlines for their implementation. This makes our cooperation as transparent as possible.


When working according to the outstaff model, you can engage our specialist, who will work full-time and develop your project. 

That is, you choose a specialist and integrate him into your team, delegating part of the project work.

Frequently asked Questions

What is white label Web Analytics Services?

White label marketing services are common practices that allow businesses to outsource a complex service while they focus on excelling in their business. If you don’t know anything about Web Analytics, you can hire someone who does.

White labeling Web Analytics means that you are using another agency’s Web Analytics service but selling it to your clients as your own.

How do I know if I need white-label analytics?

You need white label analytics if:

  • Your customers want analytics.

  • If your customers are asking for in-application analytics, it means you need an analytics offering.

  • A quick plug-and-play white label analytics solution will satisfy your customers quickly, increasing customer retention (and referrals). 

  • You are a fast-growing company.

  • Scaling in-house analytics is one of the biggest deterrents to growth.It takes months to develop and needs constant in-house maintenance. Replace it with a white label embedded analytics solution that is made to scale.

What are the benefits of using white label SEO services?

  • No hiring problem

    No need to waste time looking for and hiring a new specialist, but getting a new specialist with the right qualification in no time.

  • No workload problem

    We can solve the problem of overtime and burnout by delegating basic tasks to outside specialists.

  • Growing expertise

    The problem of finding new points of growth. Delegating tasks to outside specialists to find new hypotheses and gain more expertise.

  • Heavy workload

    The problem of refusing clients due to heavy workload. You can take on a couple of new projects without hiring a new specialist, who will be underloaded, but outsource them.

  • No need to dismiss anyone

    Flexibility in workload management. Optimal team reduction or adding new team members depending on the number of existing clients (no need to dismiss anyone — you can just reduce the budget for a certain period).

  • Wide range of services 

    No need to refuse clients who ask for services that you don’t offer. We have a wide range of digital marketing services and can help with almost anything, not only SEO / PPC.

How do I choose a white label Web Analytics agency?

There are many factors and criteria that you need to think about before you can make a decision. Some of the top factors to think about and use when making the choice includes:

  • The customer service

    Customer service is a great aspect of business success. Good customer service will help in retaining your customers. You should hire a company that provides on-time  Web Analytics technical support. 

    For the past 16 years, we've worked in various international markets, and completed over 3000 successful projects.

  • Technology

    The right agency for your business is the one that employs modern tech to ensure that there’s a seamless interaction between your team, your clients, and their reseller execution team.

    The Netpeak Group creates the best products for marketing professionals: Serpstat, Netpeak Software, Ringostat, etc.

  • Experience

    You must be sure that the company you are going to be doing a lot of Web Analytics business with potentially is reliable and can back up their claims.

    Since 2006, we've been helping companies, brands, and products that invest in digital marketing lead the way.

Who we are

The right agency for your business is the one that employs modern tech to ensure that there’s a seamless interaction between your team, your clients, and their reseller execution team.

The Netpeak Group creates the best products for marketing professionals: Serpstat, Netpeak Software, Ringostat, etc.

Our team for white label  Web Analytics services

Head of Web Analytics with more than 10 years of experience.
Middle Web Analystwith more than 6 years of experience.
Junior Web Analyst with more than 2 years of experience.


English - B2
Polish - B2

Skills owned by our specialists:

Java Script



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Our principles 


Clients choose us based on ourbusiness proposals and strategies.

But they only stay with us due to our focuson results, customer acquisition strategies,delivering revenue and positive ROMI


The marketing experts on our team have 187 certificates confirming their skills with the most common digital marketing and analytics tools.

Since 2006 we’ve been developing our corporate training system.


Monthly planning, SCRUM, checklists, workflow automation and multilevel quality control — these are just some of the things we do to help you succeed.


Our agency has developed marketing and analytics tools used by lots of specialists worldwide.

There's a separate team that is constantly looking for better ways to optimize our workflows, develop new scripts and technologies to make our work faster and more efficient.


To provide regular communication, measurable goals for every process and automated reporting, we've developed Netpeak Client Dashboard.

You can track project KPIs, measure the success of ad campaigns, task progress and contact your account managers at any time.


We believe in honesty and transparency.

If we identify any problems, or if a solution doesn't meet requirements, we will initiate an honest and direct conversation including how we propose to solve it.

Our technologies

The Netpeak Group creates the best products for marketing professionals.
Digital marketing industry leaders use Serpstat, Ringostat, Netpeak Software and other products to get more data about their customers and competitors.

all-in-one SEO platform  for professionals

serpstat.com →

call tracking, telephony,  and end-to-end analytics

ringostat.com →

tools for SEO specialists and webmasters  that help solve day-to-day SEO tasks

netpeaksoftware.com →

Tools that we also use for white label Web Analytics

White Label Clients

Our white label clients are confidential. Our Confidentiality agreements prevent us from sharing with you who our white label partners are. We think you wouldn’t want anyone knowing that we are doing your work.

Case Studies

A Comprehensive Guideline

Migrating from AdWords API to Google Ads API.

How we implemented BI analytics in contextual advertising department

Google Search Console Data Analysis Without Panic

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Braganets Vladyslav
CEO of Netpeak Alliance